Lego Ninjago Video Game

LEGO Battles Ninjago Video Game

This Ninjago video game is really enjoyed by the kids however, there are mixed reviews from the parents (hey, what are you doing playing your kids game, anyway? lol!)

Here’s why parents and kids see this video game differently:

It’s not as much a strategy game as it is a story-type game. Adults tend to like the strategy games, but kids love this story game which lets them build their ninjas and get into battles and all that fun stuff.

Now, here’s something cool one parent said in their review of this Ninjago video game…. he/she said that the use of your kid’s brain IS required and if your child is geared towards leadership or becoming an architect, this is a GREAT game for them to play.

Who-da-thunk video games could lead our kids to great careers?